The Hilo Farmers Market is a gourmand’s delight and a photographer’s playground. Don’t miss this! The market is open every day of the year but the two major ‘market days’ for Hilo are Wednesday and Sunday when local farmers come in with produce. Flowers and exotic fruits and vegetables are bursting out of buckets and piled high on tables. Sample jams and hot sauce, try a fruit that you’ve never tasted before or drink a fresh coconut from the ‘coconut man’ on the corner. Read more

East Hawaii is less known for it’s beaches but we do have a few gems. Head out to a neighborhood called Keaukaha to find these beach parks:

  • ONEKAHAKAHA BEACH: a beach park with plenty of shade, picnic tables and a shallow lagoon especially suited for children..
  • CARLSMITH BEACH PARK:  a lagoon with places to watch turtles from the rocks, coconut palms, lawns for lazing on and some places to jump in the water. Water in this lagoon can be cooler than average because it is fed by underground springs.
  • RICHARDSON’S BEACH: a small black sand beach with a gentle wave, a coral reef and more turtles. Here the water is warmer since there is a surf break just beyond the reef. At Richardson’s Beach you will also find areas of lawn to picnic on next to crystal clear ponds fed by underground springs.

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